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Making Websites just got easier . . . DutyCrew just became Open Source!

The unique, evolutionary and revolutionary DutyCrew Web Page Manufacturing System remains available for Mac 10.4 upwards (Tiger onwards), and a matching updated Windows (2K, XP, Vista only) variant. 

  • DutyCrew is now an Open Source Project
  • Installers and source files are downloadable via
  • Also downloadable via
  • We need help translating our language files into as many langauges as possible.
  • The WINDOWS variant has now been reworked and re-released. That too is available from
  • 8 page websites can be made in under 30 minutes! (See tutorials section for details)
  • Massively capable of handling large sites, this static (html) section of the dutycrew website is over 160 pages and is managed with ease with this same software that is being made available to you.
  • AND you can even share look and feel documents with anyone using the system, irrespective of platform!
  • Not only that, but you can EVEN export sites to different machines and then carry on working with them!
  • Just install it and it works (or it should) with no expiring demo period.
  • Easy to remove (though we cannot think why anyone would want to . . .)
  • No serial numbers needed, now available via SourceForge, already available from this website (which was built with our own DutyCrew software).
  • Professional looking websites, with easy navigation can now be created without needing to know 'web code'!
  • Ongoing "release often" update policy.


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