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Making a site.

Akin to printing a document, this creates the standalone webcode/html required for a website.
Uploading to the Internet is a separate process, but cannot be done without first making the site
(just like the printing and publishing process for magazines).
This process 'makes' the files that get uploaded.
Firstly you should click on the Site Administration link . . .

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. . . where you will be presented with a page like this . . .

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. . . click the 'Make Site Now' button . . .

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. . . and wait whilst the site is 'made', for larger sites and slower machines, this can take a few minutes.
This is not 'live' on the internet, this is all being done locally on your machine!
You will see:

  • a list of all pages created.
  • a link to a zip archive of the pages (downloadable) . This allows the zip file to be saved and stored.
  • a link to the filesystem where the pages have been written. This allows the files to be burnt to a CD.

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