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Download Software Updates:

Update Downloads:



Intel ONLY OS X Server Update

Intel ONLY OS X Server Update via sourceforge


Mac OS X (Leopard & Snow Leopard) DutyCrew Server Software Upgrade
(can be used on any OSX system, but only tested on OSX). 
(Note NOT to be used on PPC systems)


Mac OS X Update

Mac OS X Update via sourceforge

  Mac OS X (Tiger thru Snow Leopard) DutyCrew Software Update
(10.4 thru 10.8 compatible)


Windows Update

Windows Update via sourceforge


Windows 2K, XP & Vista Only

(Use on other variants at your own risk, then let me know the results!)




Update Details:

Intel ONLY Server update should not be used on PPC based systems. They are mutually incompatible.

You have been warned!

Software updates are available for Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard & Snow Leopard [10.4 thru 10.7]), Windows 2k, XP, Vista.

Change/Update details are available on the Version History page.

  • MacOS (10.4 thru 10.7), Windows 2K, XP, Vista:
    • Update
    • 11 Sept 2012
    • These updates will update all active Mac® OS X and Windows XP and Vista™ installations of DutyCrew software:
    • Recommended for all CodeVersions prior to


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