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How can it be described to mere mortals?

  • It is (we believe) the fastest complete web site tool on the planet!

  • We have yet to find anybody who is not amazed by this system.

  • It is fast, flexible, portable and can be exported to different machines and operating systems with incredible ease.

  • Basically it is a web server that is installed and configured (exclusively) to run on the installed machine. It is not designed to be accessed from a different machine.

    • All controls are operated via a web browser or the Controller
      (which must never be quit whilst the server is running, or any page previews will not be created, though the page will still be saved).

      • The controller has 4 buttons, they control:

        • The Start, Restart and Stop servers operations.

        • The Log In trigger. 

        • I also have prepared images to use in the future to render the need to translate redundant, they are at:

          You will need to choose the following to see what I have in mind:
          Let me know what you guys think, then I'll try to figure out which of the many variants of RealBasic (I got so many updates and installed them all!) I used to create the original one!
          (I didn't know about version control systems in those days or I'd have made a note of which version I'd used and done it again!) 

    • Built on Apache2 and PHP, the server provides the capability for a low cost, massively capable cross-platform and portable web creation environment.

    • We have only begun to scratch the surface with our software's capabilities.

    • We have plans to develop a web-based image editing engine, along with multimedia engine that runs on any platform (inside a browser), but if anyone has built one whilst I've been busy coding and recovering from my radiotherapy, let me know!
      If you have, then it needs to be under the same license as the rest of my software, then we can offer it via SourceForge's downloads.


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