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Details 2/7:

The basic concept:

  • Building web-sites usually involves learning HTML coding.

  • Learning HTML can be baffling even for a native english speaker.

  • Building web-sites as a non-english speaker must be incredibly intimidating:

    • They have to learn the English language.

    • They then have to learn technical english (which differs from normal english)

    • They then have to learn HTML (in a language that is not native to them).

  • The basic concept of the DutyCrew software was that a non-English speaker should not have to learn English, nor should they then have to learn Technical English and then learn HTML just to build a basic and navigable web-site or e-brochure.

    • We think we have delivered that product.

    • We have also delivered a product that allows complex and large websites to be developed with ease.

    • A DutyCrew built website works even if the user's database fails (or is hacked).

  • The basic system is built upon an Apache web server, with PHP5 hosted on the User's machine.

  • The system is designed to allow the creation and development of a robust easily navigable site (or e-brochure) with minimal knowledge of web technologies.

  • Whilst not being intended to create and build 'cutting edge' sites, development continues to improve this aspect.
    Substantial improvements are expected over the next few months.

  • Interface improvements are also being developed and tested. All interface improvements have to be robust, cross-platform and cross-browser to be viable, which rules out any platform specific options (Microsoft® DirectX® being one example)


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