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The System:

  • The system separates the process of creating a web-site into a series of simple stages.

    • Site details (Name to appear in browser window title)

    • Page Names (Add new pages, delete pages and rename pages [the system automatically replaces white space with an underscore character])

    • Page Content (add adjust or remove content)

      • Uploading images to use in page(s)

      • Uploading other media (PDFs or other images etc) to download or open in new window

    • Navigation (Menus, Categories and which pages join to which menu)

    • Style/Appearance design (Colors, fonts, menu widths etc. All exportable and importable via .zip files, with a clue in the name as to what they do/are or affect.)

    • Site Appearance (Applying styles designed in 'Style' section to actual site).

      • applying styles to menus

      • applying styles to categories

      • applying styles to content

      • uploading/adding/removing banner images

      • uploading/adding/removing background images 



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