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Interface and Controls

  • The interface works in US English, UK English and has a beta version of the Welsh (Cymraeg) language pack installed.
    I used online translators to do the Welsh (Cymraeg) translation, it still needs validating

    • The interface switches between languages at the press of a button (flag emblem) available on most pages within the system.

    • Language Packs are simple text based translations of the interface text.

    • Each language pack contains about 4000 different lines of text.

    • Additional languages will be introduced as soon as resources permit.

  • Security:

    The server ONLY responds to 'localhost' input and is explicitly not designed to be accessed in a network environment.

    This reduces any security impacts upon the user's machine as the server simply will not respond to external access attempts.

  • Control:

    There is a control panel that starts, restarts, stops the server and it also houses a 'Log In' button to facilitate access to the system.
    Vista and Leopard controllers are shown below:

    Vista Controller Image   OSX Controller Image
    The controls are only in English so far, but we are trying to broaden the scope by getting multilingual software controllers built.
    We need volunteers for this process as there is only one main developer.
    I have prepared symbols for use in the RealBasic controller, but haven't had time to implement them yet, the source files for all these items are available via Sourceforge. Check in the realbasic_source folder.
  • The Control panel is a component of the page preview mechanism and should not be exited (the system will still function, but the page previews will not be made), though it can be minimised without problems.


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