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Details 6/7:


  • The system can download zip archives, specifically formatted to interface with the import/export modules within the system.
    NOTE: There are also a number of security checks in place to deter malicious activity.

    • These modules allow the following:

      • Import of Menu Styles

      • Import of Category Styles

      • Import of Content Styles

      • Export of Menu Styles

      • Export of Category Styles

      • Export of Content Styles

      • Import of prebuilt sites

      • Export of completed sites
        Note:This also acts as a disaster recovery and version control mechanism as all exported sites carry a timestamp and are saved on the system's filesystem as well as being [optionally] downloaded to a safe location.

      • Saving of completed site in format suitable for expanding and putting on CD or uploading to a website.
    • Obviously, a user should never use a zip archive from an unknown or untrusted source.

      We recommend that the primary Sourceforge ( or secondary DutyCrew sites ( be used wherever possible to download content for the systems.


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