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Details 7/7:

Other information:

  • The system also can upload the sites to any webserver the user has authorization to use
    (subject to having passwords, usernames, server names etc)

  • The system can also store multiple upload servers and can upload the same pages to different sites, under the full control of the user.

  • The browser interface is subject to constant improvement and enhancements.

  • DutyCrew policy is to release software updates as often as possible, responding to user input and our desire to constantly improve the product.

The software was launched in March 2007. Since late July 2007 and November 2007 there have been 21 updates and upgrades released as part of the ongoing process of improvement and enhancement.
It is currently at (as of 01 Aug 2012) version 607 (see version history to get a full rundown of the changes made).

This is an average of around one update per week, though it has been disrupted recently due to my own poor health.


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