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How fast is it?

We have never seen anything so fast, it is simply amazing.

  • We can easily put together a 20 page website (with images and no text) in under 20 minutes, with a complete menu system to match.

  • We have created this site with it and we use it to maintain it as well.

    • All 160+ pages (and growing)!

      • When initially created, the DutyCrew website had 30 pages.

      • Time taken: 3 hours for the complete site, including all text formatting.

      • Time taken to export to different machine : 3 minutes.

      • Time from import to an editable and uploadable site (after running the site maker)? 0 seconds!

      • The site is immediately available for editing (or uploading after using Site Maker) once imported.

    • We even put this introduction together using it.

    • Even awkward formatting
      • like
        • these
          • bullet points
      • is straightforward and easy.
  • It is blisteringly fast, even on old hardware!


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