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Press releases

Press releases in reverse chronological order:

  • Date 18 July 2012
    • Biz King has now taken the reins, he is the original developer of the software.

    • He has also been working extremely hard to make the software Open-Source, multilingual (capable of being translated into many languages, even multibyte ones, like Korean, Chinese and Japanese, and Free (Donationware).

    • He has also taken the decision to restart the Windows software releases too.

    • Biz is currently struggling with a brain tumour and the effects of a stroke and has just had an extensive 30 day course of radiotherapy, it finished on Friday 13th April 2012, leaving him with reduced cognitive abilities and struggling with his mental stamina. Despite these adverse circumstances he has battled against the odds and is now happy to release the latest '607' build of the software.

    • It is available for Macs (Tiger upwards, PPC & Intel) and Windows XP, Vista (needs testing on Windows 7 & 8)

  • Date 14 January 2012

    • Webonauts LLP has now suspended its' operations, due to ill health, and has ceased to exist. No other sites should be considered to be definitive, on this subject, other than the website. 
  • Date 26 February 2009

    • DutyCrew Ltd today announced that following the takeover of all DutyCrew operations by Webonauts LLP, the Windows variant has been suspended for the foreseeable future and all donation options have been removed.
    • Webonauts LLP and its franchisees will be providing web creation services via a robust and effective franchising model, ensuring that the software will continue to be developed for many years to come.
    • Sheffield based Webonauts LLP uses the DutyCrew software exclusively for its' Web Creation and Development franchise operations and is looking forward to a period of aggressive expansion despite the current gloomy economic outlook.


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