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Don't I need to be some kind of technical guru to use it?

  • Absolutely not!


  • This is not a simple piece of software, but it is incredibly easy to learn.

  • We have designed this to be a simple as possible to operate, so that anyone who can use a browser and read simple instructions can build a large and complex web site.

  • We designed it so that a non-english speaker could build web sites without having to learn:
    • English.
    • HTML code
  • If you can use a browser and type using a word processor, then you can build a web site, quickly, easily and without the usual chaos of menus and navigation that put most people off.

  • Even after you have made your menu structure you can move it around with absolute impunity.

  • You can't break it, though you can make it a bit messy if you try hard enough.

  • But that's okay, because it is so easy to put things right. It's almost fun!

  • Web sites should not be hard to make.

    • As of now, they are easy instead!


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