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What does it do, what is it?

  • It makes web sites.

  • It makes them quickly and easily.

  • It allows you to insert images and links to multimedia (Flash, mp3, video etc) with ease.

  • It makes things easier and quicker for you.

  • It even uploads it for you.

  • It sorts out the navigation for you.

  • It gives you the flexibility to move your page and menu components around with utter impunity.

  • Sites can be exported and imported between machines and platforms.

  • You even have the option to retain FTP passwords and server details if required.

  • This facility also provides a rock-solid backup mechanism that secures your web site and its data in a fully recoverable manner, using any OS.

  • Navigation is instinctive and simple to arrange.

  • Menus are rapid to develop and can be changed in a matter of seconds without having to rework the whole site.

And there is more . . . .


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