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What makes it so special?

  • It is fully cross platform. - Linux, Mac (Tiger & Leopard) and Windows, even including Vista.
  • This means that you are:

    • Never locked into any single Operating System.
    • Given (along with your Organization) the flexibility to move platforms to avoid things like viruses and unstable or vulnerable operating systems.
  • Multilingual with rapid language switching.
    Current options are for:

    • English (UK)
    • English (US)
    • Welsh,
      with other languages being introduced as development continues.
      (n.b. The Welsh language variant has yet to be validated)
    • Volunteers to translate and verify translations welcomed.

    • email us at biz (at) dutycrew (dot) com, subject = Language help.

  • Extremely low cost of ownership (From free to as high as you want to donate! Donations range from $1[USD] upwards).

  • It is the web creation tool we wanted so much that we have now spent 5 man-years building.

and there is more . . . .


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