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What makes it so special?

  • We believe that our software finally achieves for the Web Publishing and home Web user, what desktop publishing did for the typesetting/printing industry.

  • All you need to do is make your site(s), our software does the rest!

  • No need for serial numbers, just donate if you think it is worth anything (as much as you want).


  • Unlimited duration, if you don't like it, then it hasn't cost you anything.

  • Cost effective, standalone system, with all software being held on the user's machine(s).
  • All sites are fully cross-platform and fully cross-browser.

  • Sites are compatible with Linux/Mac/PC plus Mozilla/Netscape[6+]/IE5+/Safari/Konquer or/Opera etc.

  • Inherently works on all Standards Compliant browsers and degrades gracefully when met with a non-compliant, obsolete browser.

    • Even if a user's browser is obsolete, the navigation does not break.
    • So your users can always get access to your content.
    • Unlike content developed with many other systems.
  • We used an ancient 1GHz Powerbook with 1GB memory to build this site (initially), just to prove that it could be done.

    • Then we exported it to a Windows 2000 system to continue editing
    • And then we exported it to an XP based system.
    • And back again.
    • And we uploaded the site with it.
    • Since then we have exported the site between machines and are now managing and editing this 160+page web-site with it (the software, not the machine).
  • Try it yourself and see!


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