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Lateral Traction (Old business headed by Biz King)

This is what the Lateral Traction web site would look like if done with our own software.

Whilst I drew the bulk of the images involved, some of the images have been used without the artist' permission, but if they would contact me I can rectify that (with pleasure). Either by adding a credits page or by dropping the image(s).

Please email me (Biz King) at:

The artists involved were:

  • Lee Adams
  • Steve Graves
  • Pete Lawrence (who has recently made contact via Facebook!)
  • Myself 

None of the images are available for purchase, despite appearances to the contrary, this is merely a demo site built from old brochures.

It is e-commerce ready and will behave as such, to the point where it will actually take your money (via PayPal).

The images are 41.4cm (16¼ inches ) x 63.8cm (25⅛ inches).

In the event of a purchase being made it will be refunded immediately, in full and without quibble, once it has been brought to the attention of myself:

All the images used were assigned to "Lateral Traction" back in the late '80s.

It uses cookies (no database involved thus reducing the risk of 'hacking').




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