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Quick Start 01

8 page web-site p3:

Creating and editing page details

11) . . . using the form enter "Page One" in the first and second fields and submit the form . . . :



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12) . . . if there is an autocomplete dialog, disable it for this site (or your browser will keep on entering the same data and will cause you enormous confusion):



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13) The page will inform you that a new page has been created, but the 'short name' (that is used in the page url on the internet is now lowercase and the blanks have been removed, this is intentional)

You should create more pages using a similar naming convention (Page Two etc etc) . . .:



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14) For "Page Eight", you should intentionally mis-type the name . . . :



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15) By scolling down the page, you can see which pages you have made (and the mis-spelling of one name).



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Continued . . .


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