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Quick Start 01

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Importing Images

36) To import images, we need to locate them on your file system.

Tutorial Download images "Squares" are in a downloadable archive and should be downloaded from here.

After downloading the file from the dutycrew website, you should expand it and then click on the browse button . . .



  Larger Image --- Full Size Image


37) You should then navigate to wherever you expanded the tutorial images . . . and select the "300s_one.jpg" file



  Larger Image --- Full Size Image


38) after selecting the image, click the "Import Chosen Image" button . . .



  Larger Image --- Full Size Image


39) . . . whereupon the image will be imported and a preview displayed to you ,along with its name.



  Larger Image --- Full Size Image


40) You should continue to to do this for the rest of the "300s" images . . .



  Larger Image --- Full Size Image


Continued . . .


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