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Quick Start 01

8 page web-site p41:

Backups and inter-machine site transfers

200) Choose the export option that suits (no upload information has yet been entered, so it is not needed)



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201) The backup archive is available to download to a place of safety.

The non page related files are the previously uploaded images.



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202) The file can be saved to the user's file system



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203) In this case, it is saved to the Desktop.



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If you import this zip file into your system without deleting the original, it will simply increment the file name (and site name!).



Tutorial 001 Complete.

You should now have a reasonable understanding of how the system works, sufficient to do the following:

Create a new site.
Alter Menus, adding, adjusting, deleting and renaming.
Add and edit pages, including renaming pages and adding content.
Alter Categories including renaming and adjusting.
Attach pages to menu structures.
Disconnect pages from menu structures.
Save backup Site archive in exportable format.
Save Site 'snapshot' in zip file, suitable for use (expanded) on CDs etc.


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