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Mac Users:

To uninstall the DutyCrew software:

  • Stop the DutyCrew server.
  • Quit the DutyCrew controller
  • Drag the DutyCrew Application folder to the trash.
  • Empty the trash.

Windows Users:

We have developed a configuration tool for the DutyCrew System

It is only of use on Windows® 2000/XP/Vista Systems.

If run on Vista "Run as Administrator" has to be selected or the tool will generate errors.

Other than that, Vista appears identical to it's predecessors in the tool's function.

The service that is installed is called "DutyCrewServer"

  • The helper application "DutyCrewConfig.exe" can easily uninstall this service.

  • The DutyCrewConfig.exe should be run BEFORE running the "Remove Software" control panel and it has to be run by an administrator.

  • You should use it to Disable/Uninstall the DutyCrewServer.

  • You may need to remove additional path items (in the event of multiple DutyCrew installs in non-standard places).
    The DutyCrewConfig.exe tool also does this.

  • Once that is done, then the installation directory can be safely and easily removed with the "Remove Software" control panel.

More detailed instuctions for this will be uploaded shortly, with screenshots for assistance.


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