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About us : Webonauts

Webonauts: 'Almost anytime, almost anywhere'*.

Webonauts empower businesses, businessmen, businesswomen and individuals to develop and maintain their own websites in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We at Webonauts are more than happy to work with the busiest of business-persons!

We are fast too! Our software and our specially trained operatives allows us to deliver a web-site to you at breathtaking speed!

Webonauts offer the busiest of people a quick and easily modifiable website, plus it can be e-commerce enabled in a matter of moments. We can even get you higher up the search engine rankings if you want.

Webonauts is structured to be franchisable, expandable, ethical, reliable and viable. 

Integrity, honesty, reliability.

Recent reports have indicated that fear of exposure to debt and of being trapped in rigid financial agreements, with unlimited financial exposure, has dissuaded many businessmen, and individuals, both from either looking after their own website, or even of having a website in the first place!

Other reports show that businesses can often not afford the time during business hours to arrange meetings with Web Companies and get things organised for the provision of website content, webspace, bandwidth and email accounts.

Some Web Companies have been known to treat their clients like Cash machines, providing very little for a large amount of money.

Webonauts are not like that, we will grow by offering exceptional value for money. 

When is the best time for you?

  • Webonauts provide a 'mobile website' service that attends to businesses in their own place of work.
  • Webonauts will even provide an 'Out of Hours' service to businesses. Even providing that service at weekends if needed.
  • Webonauts will provide value for money and independence, to businesses, irrespective of their status.
  • Webonauts will save their clients money wherever possible and build a justified reputation for speed, reliability, integrity, courtesy and honesty.

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Webonauts franchisees are required to subscribe to all of the above without question.

* Almost! The 'Almost anytime, almost anywhere' depends upon there being an available webonaut franchisee prepared to provide the service at the location and time required and within reason. (Example: A webonaut franchise in Cornwall is unlikely to be able to provide on-site support to a client in Scotland.) Weather permitting of course!


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