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Case Study.

We have the following case study to look through:


Case study 1:

We have prepared a series of demo sites to show how good our software is:

This is what we would have as a website had the "Lateral Traction" project worked from some 20+ years ago.


We have used the search terms "Art, Drawings, Motorcycle, prints.
Images by Lateral Traction - a company set up in the mid 80s doing hi-tech highly accurate drawings of motorcycles.
Site created by DutyCrew Software written by Webonauts LLP. Images scanned in from a brochure."

We look forward to seeing how it gets on as time goes by. All images used are copyrighted to Lateral Traction. If any artist wishes to be credited with any artwork then they simply need to get in touch with me and I will arrange to get them credited with the work (I know some of the people involved were Steve Graves, Lee Adams and Pete Lawrence). ( )


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