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Expectations : Webonauts

What do we do?

We provide our clients with the most robust, expandable and W3C standards compliant websites possible as efficiently as we possibly can.


Our core sites are built to work even if the server's database breaks. Yes even our e-commerce solution still continues working.

Talking of which, we have an e-commerce option that uses no database at all, so there is nothing left to break down.

Our sites are Standards compliant, simple, robust, easy to use and can be updated by any Webonaut in a fraction of the time it would take conventional developers to do so.

We save our clients money by being fast. Our sites are fast and easy for us to build, have no page quantity limits and are built in conjunction with our clients.

Our clients pay for our time, therefore we sit there with them whilst we work on their site.

We can use practically any colour combination available with our unique menu editing and design system.

We can enable your site for e-commerce at no extra cost to you. We can even get you higher up the search engine rankings if you want.

What don't we do?

We don't charge our clients by the page (we would not want to limit them in this way).

We can't 'invent' content. We need our clients to provide us with the guidance on the content they want on their site, and not just 'do a copy' of another site they have seen.

We don't (yet) provide for full flash and multimedia creation (but we can use it and either embed it or link to it).

We don't (yet) provide for interactive forums and areas for interactive discussion (but we can link or embed anything like this that you already have).

We don't (yet) provide for rounded or 3D button effects. But we will.

The future:

We intend to:

Produce our own "drop-in" forums and discussion areas (these will not be part of the 'core site' pledge as they rely upon databases).

Produce our own 'turn-key' flash modules and multimedia wherever practicable.

Producing 3D and rounded button and menu effects (It is one of our development priorities).

Roll-over and drop-down inline menus are also being developed, to reflect the complexities allowed in our own unique menu engine.

Develop a team of specialists, who will provide direct expert advice and assistance to clients who require specialist development skills which would be complimentary (and at a similar cost) to our current Webonauts offering.

As usual, we also will have to ensure that all our output is also W3C compliant.

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