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Websites and Hosting : Webonauts



The Factors:


The fear of unlimited (and spiralling) costs when dealing with web sites puts a lot of people off having their own professional websites.

Everyone has heard a horror story about web sites:

  • Stories of £5000 web sites that someone else could do for £100.
  • Suddenly popular websites that result in an extra bill for bandwidth that financially cripples the people who own the sites.

A lot of them are Urban Myths, but they generate uncertainty and fear of the unknown in the minds of businessmen and the public alike.

We offer a fixed fee solution.


The fear of the unknown (the 'black art' of building websites) is a deterrent to building a website.i_didnt_know_you_could.gif

We provide a 'turnkey' solution.


The fear of having to learn yet another skill that just seems too intimidating, complicated and overly technical for the majority of people.

We provide a readymade solution.


And what happens when the database, or scripting engine, goes down? Your site stops. If PHP, ASP or the SQL database goes down, will your site still work whilst the problems are fixed?

Our code does not use databases.


Losing the freedom to do as you please with your own property just does not feel right.
And having to pay extra to do anything with it is simply frustrating to almost everyone.

We do not charge extra for anything. It is all made clear from the outset. Plus regular updates get your site up the search engine rankings.


Having someone else run and maintain your website (and having to pay them for the privilege) when you've do everything else for your business yourself must feel quite strange.
It is also dependant upon someone else's skills (which are not always as high as they claim).

We train all of our franchisees to the same high standards we ourselves wish to see used.

Your time.

Losing time during business hours to visit a conventional web development company is just not efficient.
Time is money. . . .
Your money!
Having web designers visit you for a consultation, is not always the best solution, as they go away and do what they think you wanted!
Unfortunately, that is not always what you thought you were telling them to do.

With Webonauts, those communication problems simply do not happen. 

But now there is an inspiring, simple and welcome solution . . . .

. . . Webonauts LLP are that solution!

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