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Preparing for On Site Web Development Appointment

Things you may need:

Or at least should have considered!

You will need to have some of the following available:

  • Photographs or digital imagesBrilliant!
  • (business premises, staff, products, installations, customers/clients)
  • Information about the business (what, where, when, why, how, who)
  • Business history 
  • Business aims
  • Business targets
  • Business staff
  • Testimonials
  • Contact information (phone/fax/email/web forms)
  • Unique selling points
  • Price lists (if you will be selling from the site)

Ideally you will have thought about how you would like your site structured, with consideration of the order you would like things to be and what names are going to be given to things (which isn't a problem as we can change things 'on the fly', courtesy of our own unique technology).

You may have the above in many formats, the easiest format is plain text and digital images.

However we can scan images onsite and can also handle printed matter, pdfs, Word docs and the like with relative ease.

Obviously any work done with them may well use up quite a bit of time, especially scanning in, and preparing images.

Things we need:

This list may seem a bit silly, but we have to consider as much as possible.

  • Somewhere to sit, where the client also has access.Just what we need!
  • A clear work surface with room for a laptop and a scanner (so that would probably be about 1.4m wide and at least 0.6m deep) that is not wobbly.
  • Electrical (240v) mains power (though we can work without power supplies, there is a risk that we will need to recharge the laptop at some point).
  • To be somewhere dry (obvious really, but you never know .. .)
  • To be safe and secure.
  • To have the client's attention!
  • Internet access would be a bonus, but we try and cater for all eventualities and have our own mobile broadband capability (though we cannot guarantee that 100% as it is outside our control)




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