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Save Money : Webonauts

Can we really save you money?

E-commerce made really easy!

Yes we can.

We stop you being left at the mercy of 'Web designers' who are too busy with big projects to look after any small updates you may need.

By producing your site with our DutyCrew software, any Webonaut can do the updates for you, not just the Webonaut who built it!

Can we make you money?

Oh yes! We can even get you close to the top of the search engines by using the principles of 'content, content, content'.

We can also provide you with 'turn key' ecommerce systems that simply work (unlike the system used on this site where we actually use a database to manage our appointments).

How much money?

Well, before the DutyCrew system was launched, a really fast developer could work through between 6 and 8 pages a day, as long as the pages were not too complex. You would also be paying large fees for their services too!

Then, if you needed the menu altering or the pages putting in a different order, it was a bit of a nightmare for both the client and the designer/developer - we've had to do it, so we know from (painful) personal experiences!

How flexible?

Wow! I didn't know you could do that!

With our DutyCrew software we can assemble (and link) 8 pages together into a site within half an hour and populate them with content within 3 hours, as long as it is not excessively complicated.

Changing the order of pages, shuffling the menus around, changing the names of menus, adding extra pages or even extra menus is just a few minutes easy work for us. It is also practical to do this, just to see what better page orders and menu layouts there are.

The hardest part is deciding what colours you need to use! We even have an interactive tool to assist you in doing just that!

Nothing else offers that capability, and we are the first in the world to be able to offer it to you

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