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UK On Site Web Development Pricing Evenings and Weekends : Webonauts

Your place or ours?

Out of Hours (Onsite or At Home) Evenings and Weekend attendance:

  • These prices reflect the anti-social element of Out of Hours work.
  • It is likely that multiple appointments will be needed for this type of work.
  • Evenings:
    • up to 3 Working hours between 17.30 and 22.00
  • Weekends:
    • up to 3 Working hours between 10.00 and 16.00
  • Only £245.00  (Special Discounted Launch Offer)
    • Subject to availabilty and agreement between client and Webonauts agent regarding:
      • location.
      • timing.
      • facility.
    • Includes:
      • Discussion of site content.
      • Instant interactive development of site content, with client guided by discussion above.
      • Instant interactive look and feel alterations to colour, fonts and logos, with client.
  • Does NOT include hosting.


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The above service is also subject to:

  • The prior acceptance and agreement of the Webonauts agent concerned to provide the service at the specified time and place.
  • Prior payment
    • Prior payment for all bookings is required:
      • to avoid bogus bookings.
      • to prevent fraudulent actions.
      • to assist in ensuring the safety and security of Webonauts agents.
    • Appointment payments are fully refundable in the unlikely event of a failure to attend by a Webonaut.

Please note:

None of the above development services above contain an offer to host any website being created.
The hosting of a website is dependent upon a separate hosting contract which can be organised by ordering a domain from Webonauts:

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