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Web Development Services : Webonauts

We have essentially a single flexible service which is available in several variants.

Your place or ours?

The Webonauts service itself provides:

  • Site development services using our in-house software.
  • Provision of E-commerce sales sites.
  • Provision of web site hosting services, webspace and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Provision of email services and unlimited email accounts in the same hosting bundle.
  • Setup of email and hosting systems.

The service delivered is in your control, we do what you want, so you can have any of the above options in any combination.

We understand how everyone's needs can be massively divergent, so we have built flexibility into our offering.

The variants consist of:

  • Half Day (AM or PM, working hours) on-site attendance by Webonauts agents.
  • Full Day (During working hours) on-site attendance by Webonauts agents.
  • Out of Hours (by arrangement) evenings and weekends on-site, 'at-home' attendance by Webonauts agents or even at our own offices, where available.
  • Our booking system handles it all.

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